Abertay SA is required by law to have a Constitution. It brings together the requirements of both Education and Charity law. The Constitution is reviewed every 5 years; this was last completed in December 2014. 

All Abertay students are automatically a member of Abertay SA. However, a student, can exercise their right to opt-out of that membership.

The Constitution outlines the objects, pupose and framework which underpins the day-to-day functions of Abertay SA. The Constitution is supported by the Schedules, which provide more operational scope to the Constitution, with different Schedules focussing on different aspects of the SA. To find out more you can have a read of our constitution and its complimentary schedules. 

As a requirment, Abertay SA must accept any complaints. If you would like to make a formal complaint to the SA then please email a member of staff. For guidance please refer to the Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure

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