Student Partnership Agreement

The Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) is a commitment between Abertay SA and Abertay University to work in Partnership to ensure and enhance our students learning and life experience at the University. It also represents a commitment to cooperate on work that allows you to get involved and take a positive role in shaping your learning and your potential.

 This does not create limits but shows areas where we can all work together to improve Abertay.

The SPA outlines a number of areas of work which cover four main themes:

  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Student Representation and Engagement
  • Student Personal Development
  • Learning Resources and Environment 

The SPA lays out an ambitious plan of work which we need Abertay Students involvement in. To find out more download your copy of the SPA below:

Abertay Student Partnership Agreement


Strategic Plan

To ensure your student experience at Abertay is the best it can possibly be a " Strategic Plan" was developed by the Executive Committee to help focus it's work between 2012 and 2016. The Strategic Plan is divided into 7 "Strategic Themes" which are:

  1. Welfare
  2. Education
  3. Recreation
  4. Employment and Employability 
  5. Representation
  6. Financial Sustainability
  7. Effective Communication with the students and university
The Strategic Plan can be viewed here:

UADSA Strategic Plan

Each year the new Executive creates an agreed "Plan of Work" which they develop together based on the 7 strategic themes. This sets out the main body of work and Campaigns and we encourage Abertay Students to keep track of what's coming up over the next year and get involved! Your new Executive Committee will present its plan of work to the SRC in October of each year.

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