Free Periods

We at the Students' Association believe that no student should have their studies and time at university impacted by a lack of feminine hygiene products. A Free Period campaign was run over the course of a month, supplying free tampons in bathrooms throughout the university campus as well as distributing feedback forms to gather support for the campaign.  

There were 3 main aims for the campaign:

  • Raise awareness of the tax on these items
  • Encourage the university to take action
  • Encourage the government to abolish the tax

We set up stations for people to sign postcards that stated their support for the abolishment of the tax on female hygiene products. After collecting all of the postcards we sent them to the Challencor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond to show the support that this message received.

The on-campus presence gained much attention and generated discussion that we hope the university found useful. We know that students were very oponionated on the subject and found the campaign beneficial. 


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