Relax Trolley

Here at Abertay Students' Association we aim to help do what we can for students in times of need.  Exams and coursework can be stressful and can lead to a lack of sleep, not eating and generally not looking out for yourselves. The relax trolley’s goal was to tackle these issues by providing free snacks, fruit and drinks to those of you around campus during the busy revision/deadline week. We gave out over 1200 hot drinks to you all, that’s a lot of tea and coffee….

Why did we do this?  Well, we decided to carry on the relax trolley from last year’s success and the overwhelming positive feedback we got. We improved the trolley with a better choice of food and drink and literally a better set of wheels (the library’s book cart wasn’t cutting it). Considering how popular the trolley has been over the past two years we’ll likely be carrying the trolley on for the foreseeable future!

The next step is to improve on the trolley by potentially getting students involved. We love seeing students helping students here at the Students' Association . We would also like to get a second set of wheels, keeping up with the demand is hard work and we really want to help as many of you as possible!


If this campaign is something you appreciate then get in touch and leave your feedback with Students' Association.

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We are here to offer support to students and help enable them to take action in areas that matter. 

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