Student Centre Preferendum

What is the preferendum?

A preferendum is a referendum but with multiple voting options, or rather preferences! In this case our preferendum is regarding the student centre, we want students to vote on the option that they want the most when it comes to revamping the student centre; these voting options will be based on student feedback that we gather up! Want to have your say or want to get involved? Come along to one of our activities or keep an eye out for emails with more information!

What impact this will have?

The student centre was intended to be a multifunctional building that was to provide students with everything they needed out of a union-style building: social space, entertainment, food and drink, study areas and more, yet the building over the years has slowly become less and less of this due to various reasons. The preferendum is set to show the university that students (and others!) at Abertay want more from the building and that investment into it is needed. The preferendum will help shape the future of the building if enough voices are heard!

How to get involved:

Over the next few weeks various activities will be held to get students opinion and feedback on the student centre, come along to one of our workshops or talks, or even come speak to us in the SA office if you have a good idea! Find the information on opportunities to get involved here.

Also keep an eye out for the SA about the campus, we’ll be polling students with our coin feedback system for quick and easy feedback, come chat to us and give us your thoughts!


Preferendum Activities 

Student Centre Envisioning Workshops - Workshops will be held so that students will be able to come along and envision the future of the student centre. Students will be asked to develop plans and features that the building could have, team working will be encouraged along with fun activities.

Register for a workshop here:

Workshop 1 - Wednesday 22nd March 10:30am - 12:00pm

Workshop 2 - Wednesday 22nd March 13:30pm - 03:00pm


Let's talk: Abertay Student Centre - This meeting will be a more open floor discussion with a few prompts thrown in for moving discussion along, students, staff (both those that use the student centre and those that operate it) and members from the local community will be invited along to give their input on the building right now and what it could be.

Register for the Talk here:

Lets Talk - Friday 24th March 01:00pm - 03:00pm 



Coin Voting - Coin voting will be in operation during the feedback gathering phase of the preferendum. It is a quick and visual way to gather students opinions in a engaging manner.

This is an open activity that will take place between 21st - 24th March.



Preferendum Voting - Finally we will be looking for students to vote on the various options that will have been brought forward by the previous feedback collection methods. 

Voting will be online via the SA website. You simply have to login and vote for the option you prefer! Once voting has finished a report will be created and presented to the university!

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