Eco at AbertaySA

EcoAbertay was a CCF funded project run by Abertay Student Association. Within the Abertay community we promoted sustainable behaviour primarily by encouraging students and staff to adopt more active forms of travel and reducing the wasting of resources such as energy, fuel and materials. We worked with studentsfor students and every event and campaign we ran fostered behavioural change and improved students' living standards. The total amount of funding awarded to EcoAbertay by the CCF was £59,605.78. For more information visit the Climate Challenge Fund.


Although the project has ended, their legacy lives on within the Students Association. A number of EcoAbertay's initiatives such as the Bike Stop and Welcome Packs will be carried on by the Students Association. In addition to these the Students Association will continue to promote greener, less wasteful practices both internally and to students.

Bike Stop

The Bike Stop offers free bike repair for everyone. No matter if your bike just needs a safety check before you hit the winter roads or if some serious repair is needed, come along.

This is also a great opportunity to learn how to fix your own bike. If you think your bike is beyond repair bring it along, our professional bike mechanics will appreciate the challenge to bring it back to life. If you are looking for a new bike, get in contact we can organise better prices for you.

Bike Stop happens during term-time every Tuesday, 10am to 2pm, in front of the library. There might be last minute changes, so get in touch for the most up-to-date information.

Squash Bar

You'll find our squash bar in the Abertay SA office (accross from the main lecture theatre).

There are a variety of flavours available, or you could just have water!

Our mission is to reduce bottled juice purchases across campus.

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