Bike Stops

Our EcoAbertay Bike Stop offers free bike repair for everyone. No matter if your bike just needs a safety check before you hit the winter roads or if some serious repair is needed, come along. Read more >



Squash Bar

You find our new squash bar in the Abertay SA office. Bring your reusable water bottle with you or ask for one of our free bottles when you come in. You can choose from 6 different flavours so we are sure there is something for you. Read more >

Interview Clothes Library

If you have a job interview or any other formal occasion coming up and do not have anything suitable in your wardrobe do not despair we run a free interview clothes library. This means you can rent out a smart outfit for free, all you have to do is bring it back clean. Read more >

Climate Challenge Fund

EcoAbertay is a CCF funded project run by Abertay Student Association. Within the Abertay community we promote sustainable behaviour primarily by encouraging students and staff to adopt more active forms of travel and reduce the wasting of resources such as energy, fuel and materials.We work with students for students and every event and campaign we run fosters behavioural change and improves students' living standards.The total amount of funding awarded to EcoAbertay by the CCF is £59,605.78. For more information visit the Climate Challenge Fund website

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