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Do you believe in equal rights for all people regardless of gender?

The Abertay Feminist Society is for everyone who wants to help ensure that people everywhere can be equal politically, socially, and economically, beginning with the most disadvantaged.

Our goals are:

  • TALK - providing a safe space for feminists of any gender, race and sexuality to meet and talk without fear of judgement.
  • FUNDRAISE - raising money for various women's charities in and around Dundee.
  • MYTHBUST - raise awareness of what feminism actually is and dispel common myths.


Where, When

More info coming soon.


Interested but hesitant? We have a Facebook page where you can get more information, find out about our meetings, and more. Feel free to come along and get a feel for things.
Want to get in touch? Contact our president Paul at 1600301@abertay.ac.uk
We look forward to meeting you!

For general society enquiries, email societies@abertay.ac.uk

For enquiries about this page, email d.spasov@abertay.ac.uk

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