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Hi there!

This is the webpage for the Abertay SA Forensic Science Society! At this society we are passionate about all things forensics, we learn about what aspects of forensics our members are interested in or are looking to find more information. Currently we are planning a Murder Mystery Night, Guest Lectures and Talks, Social Nights and Practicals. Come along if you want to join us in exploring forensics in even more depth, meet some new likeminded people and enjoy this fascinating subject.


Membership cost:

Membership is only £5 for the year!


Contact details:

Email us if you have any questions!

President: Eirinn Stewart (1602349@abertay.ac.uk)

Vice President: Lyndsay Inglis (1401019@abertay.ac.uk)

Secretary: Hannah Aitken (1401347@abertay.ac.uk)

Treasurer: Naqi Hejisheng (1505225@abertay.ac.uk)


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