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Hi there!

The Games Development Society was started in early 2012, with the intention of providing a place where people interested in games development could get together and share experience; as well as working together on projects.
After just a few meetings though, it has rapidly evolved into a great platform for group collaboration, with multiple teams now working to create new games through the semester - giving experience that isn't usually gained until 3rd year of most courses. Most of the semester is spent with self-formed teams giving presentations to the rest of the class on their progress. Every other week we have industry talks or workshops which will encourage students to be aware of what's going on in the games industry, skill improvement and oppertunites which are around them.

Our aims for the 17/18 academic year :
- Ensure GDS provides opportunities for everyone who attends, even if they're not making a game.
- Support students while they're developing their projects by ensuring they are achieveable and can be delivered.
- Collaberate with the university for more game jams.

Where, When

More info coming soon.


More info coming soon.

For general society enquiries, email societies@abertay.ac.uk

For enquiries about this page, email d.spasov@abertay.ac.uk

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