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Welcome to the Abertay LGBT+ Society minisite. Abertay LGBT+ exists to support LGBT+ students, their friends and family, and supporters at Abertay University. The Society organised events throughout the year for all its members.
The aims of the society are:
To be approachable The Society should have a visible presence within the University community, and it should appear open and friendly.

To be social
The Society will put emphasis on the social aspect, by holding regular social evenings and trips, where possible.

To be visible
The Society will aim to be as visible as it can be, through the use of poster campaigns, information posters.

To campaign
The Society will provide information to its members regarding Government policy that has an impact on the lives of LGBT+ people. Additionally, the Society aims to be involved with the NUS and NUS Scotland LGBT+ Campaigns.

Where, When

More info coming soon.


More info coming soon.

For general society enquiries, email societies@abertay.ac.uk

For enquiries about this page, email d.spasov@abertay.ac.uk

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