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Vice President
Secretary & Treasurer


This is the webpage for the Abertay Mandarin society! Our role is to promote Chinese language learning and culture at Abertay University in a fun and engaging way. The Mandarin society organizes events at the university, including movie nights, talks and presentations. The Chinese Society also complements the Mandarin classes currently offered at Abertay University, by providing the space for students to practice speaking, reading and writing outside the classroom. The club also acts as a networking platform for Chinese language students at Abertay University to get together and share their language learning experiences.

Where, When

Currently we are working out the scheduling for weekly (and potentially bi-weekly) study group sessions for all levels to attend, meet new friends, and get support with their language learning!
Throughout the year we will be hosting a variety of exciting events such as movie nights, dinners, bake sales and cultural experiences (calligraphy classes, etc). Keep an eye out for more details!


Membership is £1 for the year! Come along to any of our meetings for free and learn more about what we do!

You can join our Facebook group @AbertayMandarinSociety

Or email us if you have any questions!

For general society enquiries, email societies@abertay.ac.uk

For enquiries about this page, email d.spasov@abertay.ac.uk

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