Abertay Mental Health

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The Mental Health Society of Abertay



The Mental Health Society of Abertay is a new society with exciting ambitions to promote a strong sense of community for all students in order for them to thrive during their time at Abertay University:


Through hosting regular events, such as our Mental Health cinema afternoons, we will challenge stigma by making mental health part of our everyday language on a level with physical health.


By facilitating community participation people will have the opportunity to explore a range of experiences and unlock hidden skills. We aim to forge strong links with community groups creating an environment where we work in partnership to promote clear pathways for support.


We want to develop a culture on campus where differences in mental health are understood and respected; where Abertay University’s forward thinking approach promotes a caring, inclusive community.



If you would like to see what we’ve been up to so far please visit our facebook page.

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