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Andrew Malloch
Adam Emslie
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Vice President
Calum Keelan
Social Media Manager
Jason December

What do we do?

The Abertay Minecraft Society aims to connect students through a shared interest in the game, Minecraft. We hold weekly meetings and would love to see you come along, play games with us or just chat. 

Where do I go, when do I go?

Every monday! | We hold our meetings in the Netlab from 6pm, if any of that changes we'll aim to let you know far in advance. 

What's the benefit of joining?

Your membership lets us host our servers and ensure events can take place, for only £2.50 per academic year you could join! You'll get member rank in all of our servers, be part of our events and a pretty coloured name to go with. 

If you're unsure come along or add yourself to our mailing list - Email contact@abertayminecraft.club for more details. 


AbertayUniversity-Survival Minecraft server

Email contact@abertayminecraft.club if you notice any problems with the servers.



Hello everyone! Following our recent meeting it has been announced that Jason December shall be our Social-Media manager and that Calum Keelan, our previous treasurer
shall take the place of Vice President, following Sujoy Debb departing from the society.
Thank you all for attending.

Furthermore, we have updated the rules on the server and we are now looking forward in getting plugins to make the server more fun!

Following Calum Keelans promotion we are now looking for a treasurer, send your applications to contact@abertayminecraft.club

Social Media

Terms and conditions

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We would ask that all members respect one another when playing the game and in meetings.

As such please conduct yourself with the Universities guidelines on student behaivour.

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