Abertay Programming Society

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Abertay Programming Society

We are an academic society aiming to get people of different disciplines interested in programming by providing a space for learning and discussion. We hold weekly meetings that are a mixture of talks, workshops, discussions, and challenges, covering a variety of programming topics at a range of different levels.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience! :)


Meeting Information

We have weekly meetings in room 4510 (the Netlab) every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm. 


Membership Fees

The membership fee for the year is £3, and can be paid to a member of the committee. Please note that we will only be taking cash payments.


Social Media

Twitter: @AbertayCoding

Facebook: @AbertayProgrammers

Instagram: @AbertayProgrammers

GitHub: AbertayProgrammers



President: Andrew - 1503321

Treasurer: Gayan - 0400842

Secretary: Jessica - 1302728


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