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Welcome to the Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society

The Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society brings together students with an interest in performing - we've worked on stage, on video, via voicework, and musical performances - costuming, set and propmaking (YAY COSPLAY), lighting and sound design, and event management. Our focus is on working together, improving skills, and having a good time as we do.


And also llamas.


We run a performance in semester one and two, and have monthly member meetings to pass on skills, mess about, gossip, and generally Have A Good Time (meetings often end with the Social Officer's traditional cry of "PUB!").

You can visit our Facebook group for more information, or contact 1304243@live.abertay.ac.uk.







Membership info

So you've read all about how amazing the SAL Drama experience is, and you are dying to know how you can be a part of the action? Well here is how to join us.

Email the president or another member of the committee and let them know you that you want to give SAL Drama a go. They will get back to you with more information if you require it and will invite you to come and join the group for a trial session so you can come and get to know everyone and have a go at what we have to offer.

After your trial session, you will be required to sign up as a member of SAL Drama if you wish to take part in more of our activities, which will cost £5* for the year, as decided by our membership at our AGM 2011.

For information about the UADSA Societies levels of membership system follow the tab on the left hand menu!

Levels of Membership

As with all societies in the UADSA, SAL Drama have three levels of membership: Full membership, associate membership and honorary membership.

Full membership

You are entitled to full membership of the society if you are a full-time or part-time student of Abertay University or an associate member ofUADSA if you have agreed to our aims and objectives and have paid our membership fee. This entitles you to:

  1. Attend all meetings
  2. Take part in our production
  3. Voting rights
  4. Take part in all activities which the society are a part of subject only to resource constraints

Associate Membership

If you aren't a student at Abertay or an associate of the UADSA, but still want to join SAL Drama you are entitled to Associate Membership, if you have agreed to our aims and objectives and have paid our membership fee. This entitles you to:

  1. Attend all meetings
  2. Take part in our production
  3. Take part in all activities which the society are a part of subject only to resource constraints


Honorary Members

These are chosen by the SAL drama executive committee, and are re-elected annually at the AGM. They don't have to pay membership fees, and have the same rights as associate members.

Further information about the rights and responsibilities of the membership can be found in our constitution which you can find in the left hand menu!

Why our members join us

It's all well and good us telling you how amazing we are, so here is what our members think about the SAL Drama Experience.

“Your experience at SAL Drama is only limited by our imagination ”

2nd Year Sports Student.

“We are more than just a drama society, we are a family”

2nd Year Business Studies Student.

“This society has so much to offer: it’s not just about the acting, I’m building skills for my career too”

1st Year Business Student.

“I love that we get opportunity to write our own plays, and get to perform them too!”

2nd Year Nursing Student

“The members of SAL Drama are so nice and friendly that they can make anyone feel at home.”

1st Year Sociology Student.

“I can’t believe how much money we have managed to raise as a team, it’s so rewarding”

3rd Year Management Studies Student


“SAL Drama is always looking for new ways to help the local community”

2nd Year Psychology Student.

Meet the Committee

The Committee

A reckless band of rogues and ne'er-do-wells from all four corners of the circular globe, the committee work to make sure the society functions as a well-oiled, smoothly running machine that only very rarely explodes in a shower of mysteriously whirring cogs and gears. And a single, rather baffled looking white rabbit, for reasons no one has ever been adequately able to explain.

President: Mark Hunter

Contact: 1304243@uad.ac.uk

Blurb:  "...dentistry..." - The Times

"...tentacles..." - The Guardian

"Certainly East Grimsby's most notorious example of public spending gone wrong" - The East Grimsby Examiner

Treasurer: Ailsa McMaster

Ailsa works hard to ensure that all society spending is done carefully, correctly, and for the benefit of all members. She has recently abandoned us all to study for a year in America, and we will be very cross if she's devoured by alligators.

Social Officer: Rebecca Steel

Blurb: Rebecca is Drama's resident party animal - some kind of lurking, shadowy predator that springs from hiding upon her prey before they can realise what's going on. Except in a good way. Rebecca, usually known as 'Bunza' (think about it) makes sure there are plenty of events, workshops, and activities for members and that fun is had by all. Mostly.





The University of Abertay Dundee Students’ Association Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society Constitution
As approved by the society membership on 14/10/2011


The Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society is dedicated to the production of quality dramatic entertainment, the promotion of drama and drama education in both the University of Abertay and the city of Dundee and to the memory of our founder, Siobhan AnneLuckett, whose love of drama and the arts, along with her upbeat attitude, continues to inspire and encourage us all. Even though some members never had the good fortune to have known Siobhan personally, her energy and spirit continue to influence and be felt by all members, which is reflected in the outstanding enthusiasm that society members come to possess when they join our society.


Siobhan Anne Luckett
Founder, Friend, Inspiration to us all

1. The Society

A. The name of the Society shall be the University of Abertay Dundee Students’ Association Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society [hereinafter referred to as “UADSASALDS”“SALDS”, “SAL drama”, “drama society” or “the society”].

B. In all cases of conflict between the society’s constitution or codes and the Students’ Association, the Students’ Association is the supreme entity.

C. Dedication: The society shall be dedicated to the memory and spirit of Siobhan Anne Luckett; our founder, our friend and a truly inspiring person.

D. All previous constitutions of the UADSASALDS are hereby expressly revoked.


2. Aims and Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the UADSASALDS shall be;

A. To provide a forum for members to express themselves through the performing arts

B. To preserve the memory of Siobhan Anne Luckett, founder of the society, and to make members aware of her inspirational life

C. To achieve and maintain a gold accreditation for the society

D. To provide the opportunity for members to share talent with the wider community through bi-annual public performances.

E. To provide support to the wider community through the raising of charitable donations for the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (Young Epilepsy) and through participation in projects for the betterment of our community

F. To allow members to build key skills for life including confidence, communication and social skills

G. To provide the opportunity for members to learn new performing arts skills including `performance, technical and managerial skills

3. Governance

A. The UADSASALDS shall be an integral part of the Association, whose Executive Committee shall have full authority, as trustees, to ensure the proper and lawful use of the club’s resources. Subject to this, the society shall be managed by its elected committee [hereinafter to be known as the “society committee” or “the committee”.]


B. The society committee may make policy based on constitutional rules within its areas of competence.


C. In all instances within its jurisdiction, the committee may, by majority vote at a properly convened and noticed committee meeting, overrule any decision made by a society officer or any member of the society.


D. A properly convened and noticed extraordinary general meeting of the society may, by majority vote with a quorum of 25% of the membership, overrule any committee decision.


E. AGM and elections


i. AGM

a. The society shall hold an Annual General Meeting during November. Honorary members shall be confirmed and all society officer positions shall be elected.

b. The AGM, agenda and the positions available for election shall be announced no less than three weeks before the date on which it is to take place. The announcement shall be put out in writing by university email and a notice placed on the society notice board in the student union.

ii. Candidates

a. Any full member of the society may stand as a candidate for any number of positions on the committee, but may only take up one office concurrently.

b. Candidates have one week from the date of AGM notice to make themselves known as candidates to the committee. The application must be in writing, by university email or handed to a committee member and each candidate must be proposed and seconded.

c. Candidates may run for any number of positions, but must be proposed and seconded for each one separately.

d. Two weeks before the AGM, candidates may start to campaign for election. Candidates will be permitted to spend up to £10 of their own money as a campaign fund for the purposes of printing leaflets, posters or any other items they wish to produce. No society funds will be used for campaigning and any candidate found to have spent more than their campaign fund allowance may be disqualified at the committee’s discretion.

e. On the day of the election, no campaigning may take place. Any candidate found actively campaigning may be disqualified at the committee’s discretion.

iii. Elections

a. The secretary shall be responsible for organising the election or delegating this duty to another committee member as they see fit.

b. Elections for society officers shall be run using instant run-off voting and secret ballot. Elections will be open from the start of the meeting in which they occur for one hour.

c. Votes may be accepted via email or advance voting at the discretion of the secretary, however if the secretary allows any votes by this method, they must allow all members votes to be made via this method. These votes must be received before the meeting opens and may be sent up to a week early.

d. In the event of only one candidate being nominated for a position, that candidate shall not have to stand for election and shall automatically be deemed to have been duly elected to office.

e. Officers elected at the AGM will be known as officers-elect and shall assume their offices at the first members meeting in January.

f. Outgoing officers must prepare handover folders for their position and have a duty to transfer these folders to the relevant officer-elect at or before the first members meeting of January.

g. The secretary shall count the ballots and any members may also count the ballots and report the result.

h. Any member is entitled to demand a recount. If a recount is demanded a third time, the Vice-President of the students’ Association or his appointed depute shall be called upon to confirm the ballot.


F. Society officers

i. The offices of the society and their jurisdiction are as follows

a. The President
i. Is the figurehead of the society.
ii. Has the authority to make agreements, sign contracts and speak on the behalf of the society.
iii. Is responsible for the smooth running of the society, ensuring that all members and officers are carrying out their duties in line with the society, association and university rules, aims and objectives.
iv. Chairs meetings by default.
v. May appoint an existing committee member as Vice-President, conferring upon them the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

b. The Secretary
i. Is responsible for organising the society.
ii. Is responsible for scheduling meetings, booking rooms, putting out notices, agendas and reminders and taking the minutes at meetings.

c. The Treasurer
i. Is responsible for the funds of the society.
ii. Keeps the official society accounts, receipts and list of paid members.
iii. Receives and pays money to and from the society bank account via the UADSA vice-president.
iv. Makes an annual report at the AGM.

d. The Social & Representative officer
i. Represents the society at the Student Representative Council.
ii. Represents ordinary members at society committee meetings.
iii. Organises social events for the society.

e. Vice-President [If appointed]
i. Assists the President as required and assumes the duties of the President in their absence.
ii. May be appointed and removed by the President at any minuted meeting.
iii. If the President has not appointed a vice-president then the society committee may appoint one on an ad-hoc basis.


G. Standing Orders

a. General
i. The Standing Orders apply to all meetings of the society unless specifically stated.

b. Minutes
i. The Chair of the meeting shall be responsible for ensuring that accurate minutes of the meeting be taken.

c. Agenda
i. All meetings shall have an agenda, which shall be published to members prior to the meeting in accordance with the UADSAconstitution.

d. Speaking
i. All members with the exception of the Chair have an equal right to speak. The chair may stop any person from speaking and may interrupt other speakers.

e. Voting

i. Voting will be by show of hands, voice vote or unanimity through lack of objection, as the chair sees fit, unless a member requests a secret ballot.
ii. A secret ballot, if required, shall be organised by a member appointed by the chair for this purpose

iii. In a general meeting, extraordinary general meeting or annual general meeting, all full members may vote.

iv. In a society committee meeting, all officers may vote.

v. Votes on all issues except those concerning constitutional changes or the dissolution of the society require a quorum of 25% of members in a general meeting or 50% of officers in a society committee meeting with a simple majority vote to pass. In the event of a tie, the status quo is preserved.

vi. In all cases of ambiguity, the standing orders of the Students’ Association shall be interpreted by the chair and utilised accordingly.
vii. A motion of no confidence in the chair may be raised at any time, provided it has a proposer and a seconder. Such a motion will result in a ballot vote of no confidence in the chair and, if the vote succeeds, will trigger nominations for a new chair and a second ballot vote to elect a new chair, who will then chair all subsequent meetings unless they resign the chair or are themselves subject to a motion of no confidence. A motion of no
confidence in the chair does not reflect on the confidence of members in any other society roles the chair may be performing.

f. In addition to the rights and obligations of membership, society officers
i. Will attend all society committee meetings or send their apologies in advance.
ii. Will attend the majority of members meetings or appoint a depute from the committee, especially if they are required to perform an official function.
iii. Will set an example by attending and participating in as many society activities as possible.
iv. Acknowledge that, in addition to being removed in the ways specified in the UADSA constitution, they may be deemed to have resigned their office if
1. They miss two society committee meetings in a row without prior notice.
2. They continue, after being warned in writing by the society committee, to fail to perform their duties to a minimum standard expected by the committee.


4. Membership

A. All full-time and part-time student members and associate members of the UADSA shall be eligible for full membership of the UADSASALDS, provided that they have expressed their full agreement with the aims and objectives of the Society and paid the society membership fee as determined annually by the committee of, unless otherwise stated, £5.

B. Non- members of the UADSA are eligible for associate membership of the UADSASALDS provided that they have expressed their full agreement with the aims and objectives of the society and paid the society membership fee as determined annually by the committee of, unless otherwise stated, £5.

C. Honorary members may be elected at any committee meetings and shall be re-elected annually at the society AGM. They are exempt from paying the membership fee and have the same rights as an associate member, provided that they have expressed their full agreement with the aims and objectives of the society.

D. Rights of Members
i. Ordinary members have the right to:
a. Attend all meetings, rehearsals and executive committee meetings, and participate in society activities subject only to constraints arising from resources
b. Speak and vote at all ordinary meetings, extraordinary meetings and annual general meetings
c. Receive fair and equal representation on the executive committee by their representative officer
d. Vote for officers and stand for election to office within the society

ii. Associate and Honorary members have the right to:
a. Attend all meetings, rehearsals and executive committee meetings, and participate in society activities subject only to constraints arising from resources.
b. Receive fair and equal representation on the executive committee by their representative officer.

E. Responsibilities of Members
As a member of the Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society, all members agree to assume the following responsibilities:
i. To ensure that the aims and objectives are met, and not to perform any action or through inaction allow any action that prevents these aims and objectives from being met.
ii. To pay the minimum annual membership fee; unless elected an honorary member.
iii. To ensure that they abide by the code of conduct of both the Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society and the UADSA
iv. To attend meetings as often as is practical and when not in attendance and expected to be, to send apologies where possible.
v. To complete tasks that they have agreed to perform and to inform the society committee immediately if they become aware that they cannot complete any task.
vi. To inform the executive committee when they believe that the society or UADSA code of conduct is being broken.

F. Disciplinary procedures
i. Any member found by a member of the society committee or members of the society to be grossly disruptive or unreasonably uncooperative during society hours may be asked to leave a society meeting or other event.
a. Failure to leave a meeting or event when asked to do so may result in being asked to leave the society.
ii. Any member asked to leave the society shall have the right to appeal the decision to the UADSA.
iii. Any member refusing to leave may be referred to the UADSA for further action.

5. Productions

A. Participation in Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society Productions is open to all members of UADSA. Actors will be selected by an audition panel convened for the purpose, as appointed by the executive committee. Any UADSA member may participate in the production as stage crew or as technical crew, but must pay full society membership to participate in society activities, in accordance with the UADSA society code.

B. Rights of members taking part in productions
In addition to the rights of membership, production members have the right to:
i. Appeal, should they feel that they have been unfairly dismissed from their role in the production.

C. Responsibilities of members taking part in productions
i. Upon receiving a role in a Siobhan Anne Luckett Drama Society Production, members are required to sign an agreement acknowledging that their role in the production may be recast, adapted, removed or otherwise altered at the decision of the production panel.ii
ii. They arrive punctually and attend all rehearsals when they are needed
iii. They inform a member of the production panel in good time when they are unable to attend a rehearsal or, when an emergency has meant they have been unable to attend a rehearsal, as soon as is practical. The society committee decides whether reasons for absence are justified.

6. Appeals

A. Any member may make an appeal to the UADSA about any matter concerning the society.

B. The society and its officers will comply with the UADSA during its investigations and abide by any subsequent judgement reached, an appeal notwithstanding.

C. UADSA judgements shall be considered to take supremacy over any SALDS constitution in areas of conflict.

i Appendix 4 section d subsection i, section e subsection ii, section f subsection ii
ii It should be noted that under s. 1(2) of the Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995, a gratuitous unilateral obligation is enforceable when made in writing. Consequentially, members can be held to the terms of their agreement, including their acceptance of the penalties for breeches of the agreement.

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