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As you can see from the Logo and link above this is the Science Fiction and Fantasy society!

A brief history of the society... Once upon a time (2014) there was a young man, better known as Paddy decided that Abertay Uni need a new society where he could meet other likeminded people and talk about nerd stuff. So! He pleaded his case with the Student Association and the societies council, they thought about it and it didn't take long and they replied "Yeah, sure sounds good".  Paddy named the society "The Dr Who Society" but soon found that the name was far too specific and put non-Dr Who fans off.



Leadership then fell to a fellow named Cameron (2015) and with his trusted companions Mark and Rebecca (envision them as woodland creatures if you like) they changed the name of the society to "The Dr Who and Science Fiction society". They soon found that this name was also really divisive as some people like Dr Who but don’t like science fiction and vise versa… it was rather problematic. There the society grew to a small but proud membership. Woodland creature Rebecca became President (2016) and changed the name again to “THE SCIENCE-FICTION AND FANTASY SOCIETY” and then emblazoned it on a poster, logo, and banner (we couldn’t afford T shirts) so that the name could never be changed again – this would be her legacy. The new name attracted attention from those who previously were put off by the previous incarnations. Marketing and branding is very important, I cannot stress that enough.



One person who was so inspired by the new branding joined that year and is now the current President  - Caitlin!



The moral of this story is democracy is great and you too can become president of Sci-Fi and Fantasy at the Annual General Meeting held each year in May!



What we do: Generally we get together to discuss film, TV, games and comics... and basically, have some banter, as a group we also play genre related board games. SFF is great place to meet likeminded people in a safe and inclusive environment.

We are hoping to introduce a house system to the society this semester. What that means is that the members will be sorted into various “pub quiz” teams with names such as “The deatheaters” or “TARDIS” for example, a small quiz will be held each week and a prize issued to the winning team at the end of the semester.

Room: 3508 in the Kydd Building
Day:  Wednesday 
Time: 6PM - 9PM
Membership cost: £1       Come along to your first meeting for free and see what we do!

Contact details:  Email us if you have any questions!
President: Caitlin Rosser

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