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Abertay Food Society


President - Cho Canavesio
Secretary - Elénielle Kilmister
Treasurer - Domizia Feriaud


This society is founded on the belief that food should be accessible to everyone and everyone has the right to experiment, gain knowledge and construct their own opinion on the food world. The aims are to spread awareness on food related topics, share knowledge regarding food preparation and distribution, deliver lessons, classes and demonstrations to improve the quality of food the individuals consume, and improve, through food awareness, the student's food choices and benefit the environment. This society is based on a shared passion for food and no previous knowledge is expected to join it, nor discrimination will be tolerated based on the belonging to a specific course. It's open to everyone with a sincere interest and it will try to achieve its objectives by collaboration with other societies, the university and the city. Collaboration and passion are at the core of the society.

Where, When

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Activities include:
- cooking classes and demos on various topics (cooking skills & techniques, international cuisine, the best of an ingredient, cooking on a budget)
- talks and presentations on food topics (nutrition, food waste, food design and production, food science, psychology of food, food history)
- trips to food and drink related festivals
- food making and production workshops
- food nights out & food review
- food movie nights (documentaries, tv series, shows)
- food-based fundraising events.

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