Student Centre - Level 1 (Bar One) should be upgraded

by Deleted User 09 April 2017, 15:59

Category: Facilities

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Barone upgrade 01

Bar one should feature a newly updated bar evening space for socialising, this would include a new “rustic” look to provide a new atmosphere which would require warm lighting, wooden features, a lowered ceiling and less industrial metal such as the building support beams on show. Offerings at the bar could be of higher quality with drinks such as cocktails or craft beers, these are high in demand and are becoming increasingly popular. Events such as open mic nights, live music comedy clubs or quizzes could take place each week.


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    Deleted User   wrote, 10-04-2017 - 18:56

    its not hard, just be a cheap venue that sells soups and pannis and such, when a bacon cheese burger comes out the kitchen before toast and scrambled egg you know its not exactly fresh food

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