Student Centre - Level 2 (Old Sports Bar) should relaunch the sports bar

by Deleted User 09 April 2017, 16:01

Category: Facilities

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Sportsbar relaunch 01

Abertay has many sports teams who regularly attend other venues for social activities and food offerings, the sports bar should be re-opened and feature an improved look, feel and atmosphere so that these teams use the Student Centre. Regular showings of sporting events should occur with a strong link to the sporting teams and their events/games. The aesthetic of the floor should be warmer than previous, furniture should be replaced with updated offerings and the floor should have a “clubhouse” feel to it with various sports memorabilia around the bar, ceiling should be lowered to aid this warmer feel. A designated area for playing pool on working tables should be available with the Bar open in the evenings for night time social events such as pub quizzes or poker nights.


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