As a membership focused organisation, one of the corner stones of Abertay SA is democracy. The SA is led by the students of Abertay through our representative and charitable structures. Abertay SA believes in the importance of having the student voice shape its work.

Abertay SA is student-led through democratically elected officers, who work for the benefit of the whole student body at Abertay. Each year Abertay SA holds elections for two full-time Sabbatical roles (President and Vice-President), and 6 voluntary non-sabbatical roles (Executive Officers) who make up the Executive Committee of Abertay SA.

The Executive Committee is held to account by Student Representative Council (SRC). SRC is made up of Class Reps from each year of each programme. You can take the role of a Class Rep by standing for election in September each year.

Abertay SA is also affiliated to the National Union of Students' making you part of 7 million student voices.  However you contribute you will be making a difference.

The "Democracy" section of the website out lines the most important information you need, but if you can't find what your looking for or need more information please contact your President, Conor Marshall or Vice President, Gerard McCullough

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University of Abertay Dundee Students Association is a Registered Scottish Charity, No: SC036647