Abertay Students Association is an organisation which is here to make your time studying at Abertay University the best it can be.

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Where can you find us?

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Our office doors are open 9AM-5PM every weekday.
There's no need to knock, just come in and say hi!

Abertay SA - Room 2515,
Kydd Building,
Abertay University
Dundee, DD1 1HG

hello@abertaysa.com Our office is on level 2, across from the main lecture theatre.

Who are we?

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Chief Executive Officer


responsible for strategic implementation and operational matters


Representation and Democracy Coordinator


responsible for looking after Class Reps, Student Leadership Team, and all things democratic


Student Engagement Coordinator


responsible for Student Development, Society related matters, and Abertaysty


Digital Coordinator


responsible for the SA website and all digital matters


Student Web Developer


responsible for the SA website and TV advertising


Student Graphic Designer


responsible for society logos, banners, and all design related matters


Student Social Media Influencer


responsible for social media and event promotions

How are we governed?

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The Board of Trustees

The Students Association Trustee board consists of 2 sabbatical officers (the President and Vice President of Abertay SA), 4 student trustees and 2 external trustees. We are proud to maintain a 50/50 gender balance in relation to our student trustees and external trustees.

The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) for the running of the Students Association. Items covered include:

◦ Financial Scrutiny,
◦ Strategic Planning,
◦ Risk Assessment and Monitoring,
◦ Legal Compliance.

The Board of Trustees have 4 meetings per year plus the Annual General Meeting and other social and networking events. Full training for Trustees is provided is compulsory for all trustees serving on the Board.

Charity trustees have a number of legal duties. These include:

◦ Acting in the interests of the Students Association.
◦ Ensuring that the Students Association acts in a way that is consistent with the Constitution and its Charitable Objects.
◦ Acting with reasonable care and diligence.
◦ Ensuring that the Students Association complies with appropriate legislation.

OSCR has more information on the Duties of a Trustee.

For more information on the specifics of being a student trustee for the Students Association see the Student Trustee Pack.

If you're interested in becoming one of our student trustees see the Student Trustee Application Form.

Constitution & Schedules

Abertay SA is required by law to have a Constitution. It brings together the requirements of both Education and Charity law. The Constitution is reviewed every 5 years; this was last completed in December 2014.

The Constitution outlines the objects, purpose and framework which underpins the day-to-day functions of Abertay SA. The Constitution is supported by the Schedules, which provide more operational scope to the Constitution, with different Schedules focussing on different aspects of the SA. To find out more you can have a read of our constitution and its complimentary schedules.

Strategic Plan

To ensure your student experience at Abertay is the best it can possibly be a Strategic Plan is developed every four years by the Executive Committee to help focus our work. The Strategic Plan is divided into 7 "Strategic Themes" which are:

◦ Welfare
◦ Education
◦ Recreation
◦ Employment and Employability
◦ Representation
◦ Financial Sustainability
◦ Effective Communication with the students and university

The new Strategic Plan is still being composed, but you can view the most recent one here.

Each year the new Executive creates an agreed Plan of Work which they develop together based on the 7 strategic themes. This sets out the main body of work and Campaigns and we encourage Abertay Students to keep track of what's coming up over the next year and get involved! The new Executive Committee will present its plan of work to the SRC in October of each year.


As we are a registered charity (Charity Number SC036647) we publish all of our accounts for your perusal.

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