Student Representative Council

Student Representative Council or SRC is the platform to discuss and decide what matters to Abertay students. The council is a decision making body that has the power to create change within the university. The council is made up of all Class Representatives and the Student Leadership Team.

SRC has the ability to highlight key areas through the use of motions, debates and recommendations.  The Student Association will then work on these issues to improve your student experience.


What is a motion?

A motion is a call to action for the association, if you have an idea that will help the students of Abertay, it should be put forward in a motion. If a motion is passed by SRC it becomes a policy. All policies have to be followed by the SA. After the action is carried out, the SA will then feedback what happened to the council and students.

A motion can cover any topic, view our current policies for an example.

If you would like to know more about writing a motion or need help, please see our class rep handbook, alternatively you contact the Students' Associations if you have any questions.


What should be discussed at SRC?

It is really up to you! SRC can cover a wide range of issues such as;

  • Academic regulations
  • Campus Development
  • Representation
  • Student Activities

And much more!


How to put points on the Agenda?

You can add an agenda point by contacting the SA office by:

Email -

Phone - 01382 308356

In person - Room 2515, Abertay University, Kydd building


Want to catch up on what has been discussed?

So come along and be part of it!

Preliminary dates for this years council meetings are;

  • Tuesday 24th January 5pm
  • Wednesday 22nd February 1pm
  • Monday 20th March 5pm
  • Wednesday 19th April 1pm

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Email: Tel: 01382 308356

University of Abertay Dundee Students Association is a Registered Scottish Charity, No: SC036647