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Health and Wellbeing

If you need to talk to someone about a health or wellbeing issue, then we can help.


We can –

◦ Offer you initial support for any issues you may have & a safe space to discuss them.
◦ Provide you with information & guidance on how to access the services available within the university such as the Mental Health Adviser & the Counselling service.
◦ Offer information on services outside the university such as sexual health clinics or registering with a GP.
◦ Provide free condoms, pregnancy test kits & sanitary products.


If you need someone to turn to for information about academic issues or where to go for other specific advice and support, then we are the information point for you.

We can:

◦ Provide referrals and directions to the services available inside the university: SEZ and Student Services (careers, counselling, international student support, English language support, etc.)
◦ Answer any questions you have concerning services inside the university.
◦ Provide the forms used to apply for additional help: mitigating circumstances, financial support and module or course changes and anything else that you may require (via email).
◦ Provide assistance in filling out the forms before you submit them.
◦ Point you in the direction for support outside of the university; stopping smoking, general and sexual health, legal advice and anything else you may require.

Fitness to Practice

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has a duty is to protect the public by only permitting nurses who are safe to practise to do so. The University is responsible for ensuring that students are of good health and good character to practice and graduate. Students are bound by the NMC Code of Professional Standards.

The School of Health and Social Sciences must have a Fitness to Practice committee delegated by the NMC.

Should you be suspected of breaching any aspect of the Code, or if circumstances arise which bring your fitness to practice into question then this will be investigated and considered under the School’s Fitness to Practice procedures.

If you are a member of the Royal College of Nursing then they can offer advice and support.

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