An AGM is the Annual General Meeting. It is where the Board of Trustees presents all the business of the Student’s Association to its members for the previous year and reflects on progress towards the aims of the association.

The Board of Trustees is made up of student and non-student members. Typically, it includes the President and Vice President of the Students Association, two external Trustees who come from outside the university and four student members. This makes the Board of Trustees 75% students. Our board of trustees must have a 50:50 gender balance.

The Board of Trustees ensures that the Student Association operates within the governance of our constitution and oversees the main operational functions of the association; this includes staff, budgets and continuity through transitions of elected representatives. The trustees go through all business in the AGM and make sure that the Students Association stands up to its charitable aims and obligations.

Ratification of Minutes of Previous AGM

Trustees go over the minutes from the previous AGM, making sure members are satisfied with what has been recorded. Those in attendance may also ask about outcomes of plans in the minutes for example “The minutes state that this should be fixed by March, has that been done?”.

Trustees Report

The Trustees go over what they’ve done over the past year. What they’ve achieved, what they’ve been part of and what they planned to do.


The business accounts of the Students Association are shown, to provide reference to what’s been spent and what it has been spent on. This is for transparency.

Appointment of Auditors

The Trustees will present the auditor and their fee in order to appoint for the following year. Members are to approve this appointment.

Approval of Affiliations

The Trustees present the affiliations and costs with other organisations and bodies (e.g. NUS) for approval by the members.

Open Questions to Trustees

This is an opportunity for anyone to ask questions to the Trustees. It’s primarily for you to better understand what the trustees and the Students Association do. You can ask almost anything, for example: What are the charity regulations of the Students Association? Why the Students Association do what they do? Why are there trustees? Why has money been spent on something?

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