Student Centre - Basement (The Common Room) should become a internet / gaming cafe

by Deleted User 09 April 2017, 15:34

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The Common Room should strength what it currently tries to offer through becoming a true internet/gaming cafe, PC offerings should be upgraded to the ability to play modern games on top of the range hardware and consoles should be updated to modern offerings, not just older titles and retro consoles. Furniture should be replaced to newer sleek sets that provide an actual enjoyable seating/social area. For aesthetics the floor should feel warm and well lit, an industrial approach would provide this similar to that of Brew Dog or project pie but with still a gaming overtone to it, possibly featuring student created prints or art pieces related to gaming. The Bar could remain but operate on an evening only basis.

Monthly events should be run in the space and make use of the hardware that’s desired, these events should become a staple to the Abertay community and should feature a rotation of games and titles. These could be leagues or tournaments.


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    Deleted User   wrote, 11-04-2017 - 14:54

    This is very important given that the university is a centre of excellence in gaming and this should be a space to tell the public and other students how good the university is and what the students are delivering on

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