Student Centre - Level 1 (Bar One) should become a canteen

by Deleted User 09 April 2017, 15:59

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Bar one should step away from being a formal restaurant and become an older style hot food canteen for all to enjoy, this would offer quick food access to those with limited time so that consumers could either choose to sit in, or take the food with them on the go. Various different food options should be offered to cater for all; menus should rotate but should be kept simple for speed and quality reasons. With this bar one would no longer be open beyond 4pm or so, as it would be a breakfast/lunch time only provision. The appearance of the floor should be bright and colourful.


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    Deleted User   wrote, 11-04-2017 - 11:31

    I have a problem with the word 'canteen' as I associate it with cheap and greasy, not that it necessarily has to be that way. If there was a place to get decent tasting food, from a selection that catered to everyone (V,Ve,GF,Halal, etc.) within a reasonable time frame I'd be on board. Several times in the past I've been in bar one with a group of friends and an hour between classes and food has been slow to arrive, forgotten about, or just not arrived at all. There were even times when half the table's food arrived but a few people were left sitting there with nothing and had to either leave without their food or miss class. Simple food is fine as long as it arrives in a reasonable time and there is something for everyone.

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