On the 26th of February, Students from various Abertay societies along with a few dedicated staff members from the School of Design and Informatics are hosting a 24hr Gameathon. We will be raising money for local Dundee Charities. The charities selected are Alzheimer's Scotland, Dundee Food Insecurity Network and Ninewells Children's Ward.

We want to show the world that hackers, gamers, computer programmers and assorted geeks can use our skills to do something good. We are going to put our heroic ability to good use to stay up all night and play games while raising money for our local Dundee Charities.

We want to invite all gamers from Dundee and beyond to join us. There will be a range of tournaments and raffles during the event with prizes up to £1500 worth.

Please help us raise as much as you can by supporting the event, and even raise sponsorship towards the event.


To keep the 24hrs interesting, there will be a range of events taking place. These events include: League of Legends, Overwatch, Board Games Achievement, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros Tournaments, along with competitions for the Best Minecraft build in 24hrs and the Best Livesteam Clip during the event on top of all the other games we will be playing!

And if that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, Domino's are offering 50% off on deliveries for participants!

How do I take part?

The event will be taking place on our Gameathon Discord Server. There are 2 types of tickets to access the event.
To buy a ticket "donate" to the JustGiving page along with your Discord Handle in the donation message box.

£5 Standard Ticket - Access to the event, including the Discord Server. Opportunity to take part in additional raffles and spectate events/tournaments taking place.

£10 Tournament Ticket - Access to the event, including the Discord Server. Opportunity to take part in additional raffles. Access to all events/tournaments taking place, to win up to £700 worth of prizes. Automatically entered into an exclusive raffle to win a SecretLab Gaming Chair!

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